Adventures in Portrait Taking

Sunday was a bit of an adventure. We had pictures made of my kids and my nieces together. 4 kids all together and 3 of them were age 3 and under. Exhausting.  There always seemed to be one not cooperating. Nonetheless we ended up with some pretty good pictures. It only took one and a half hours to get 38 pictures. Like I said exhausting. Here are some of the better ones.

All 4 of them. My daughter would not take her hands out of her mouth, but at least they were all looking at the camera.
Again my daughter with the hands in the mouth!

My 2 beautiful children
This picture is supposed to be of all 4 children but as you can see one of them escaped out of the picture before she snapped it.

My 2 babies again. This time sissy was showing her bubba some love!

These are my 2 nieces.

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