Neutrogena Daily Cleanser

I have given this new cleanser about 7 weeks to work. I have been using Neutrogena daily cleanser and it just isn’t cutting it. In fact I am breaking out more now than I was before with my previous cleanser. I know from my time as a teenager in the dermatologist that you have to give new products time to work. The worst part is the feeling left on my skin. I just don’t feel like my skin is clean enough at the end of my face washing routine. I began breaking out right away, but I knew that I needed to give it some time to work. I have gone as long as I can go with this cleanser. It is beginning to make me very self conscious because I have all of these acne marks on my face and they stay for more than a week. And it’s not just one or two here and there. That I can handle but I have numerous all at one time. I still have a lot of the cleanser left and I hate to waste a product but this is just too much. I will be moving on and finding a new product to try in the coming week. I will not stop searching until I find something to work on my face.

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