Walking to Lose Weight

I am struggling to lose weight after my daughter was born. I just can’t seem to get down to a healthy weight. Part of that is due to my unhealthy chocolate addiction:) I have decided that for myself I want to lose this weight and feel better about myself. When my son was 2 I went through a difficult time and started walking to relieve stress. After doing that I lost a lot of weight that I had gained while I was pregnant with him. Now fast forward 5 years and here I am overweight again after giving birth to my daughter. So I have started a walking routine again and today I have done a little research on the best ways to lose weight while walking. I wanted to share it with all of you in case anyone is in the same predicament.

So the first thing that I found from almost every site is to invest in a pedometer. I do not have one yet but have seen them for a reasonable price. Another must have is time. Luckily I am fortunate enough to stay at home with my daughter so I can get in an hour after I drop off my son at school. For those busy women out there I know it can be difficult to work and take care of a family so just do your best. Any effort is better than no effort. When I was working I took two 15 minute breaks, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Both of which I would spend walking around our building. That knocked out 30 minutes and then I took 30 minutes at home in the evening and made up my hour a day. So here is a little fact that will help you get motivated. Did you know that eating 1 candy bar will require 3-5 miles of walking to burn off? WOW. That just shows how one temptation can set you back. That is horrible news for me because as I said before, sweets are my weakness.

Start your walk at a warm up pace. This signals your muscles to use fat reserves and not just the available sugars. If you start your walk at a high rate your body does not get the signal and burns sugars only. After your body has warmed up you should begin walking at a moderate pace. This means that your breathing should be noticeable but you can still carry on a conversation. During this time you can try adding 1-3 minutes of intense walking. According to these websites(which I will list below) it is said to increase calorie burn. Don’t forget your 5 minute cool down at the end of the walk. This tends to be a peaceful time for me. I have finished the walk and just getting out and moving makes me feel good about myself and during my cool down I tend to feel proud of my accomplishment.

If you begin to feel worn out throughout the week you could try short and long days. This for example could mean Monday is a 30 minute walk and Tuesday is a 60 minute walk. You just switch back and forth from short day to long day. If your weight lose plateaus though you should add time or intensity to those short days.

So I am going to try this and for the next few months and see if I can get any of this weight off. I will let everyone know how it comes along. If anyone else is interested in this method then click the links below for helpful tips.

Example Workout 
How to Walk for Weight Loss

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