Dreaded Winter

So winter is on the way and I really could continue on with the early fall weather for just a little longer. That time when it is not too hot and the nights stay in the 50’s and 60’s. Love that time of year. My daughter loves it as well because it means more outside time for her. Over the summer she could only go out in the morning before it was too hot. And our yard fills up with mosquitoes in the evening so I tried to keep her inside since she gets huge welts if she is bitten. Then the fall weather came along and she could go out any time and she loved it. Let me tell you, she inherited her love for the outdoors from her father. Yesterday was rather chilly and by the time she had a chance to get some outside time it was pretty late in the afternoon. I bundled her up and took her out. After 15 minutes her cheeks were red and hands were froze, so we headed inside which was followed by a meltdown by my daughter. She did NOT like that I brought her in and she definitely let me know it. One day when she is running around with her children trying to keep them from getting sick she will understand and thank me. Until then I will just relish in the enjoyable moments from yesterday.

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