Crayon Letter

My daughter has had a very high fever these last few days. She just sits on my lap all day while we watch tv. She refuses to go anywhere else, even to take a nap. So while I have been trapped on the couch I read a magazine yesterday for something to do other than stare at the tv. It was Disney’s Family Fun magazine. It was full of cute ideas and neat crafts. I happened to see an article of a mother who had used a craft idea from an edition over the summer and she sent in a picture of how it turned out. I fell in love with this little idea. With Christmas on the horizon I am on the prowl for different ideas for my son’s teacher and this is it.
Basically you take crayons (and anyone with kids has some broken crayons laying around to spare!) and take the wrapper off. Cut them in half and glue them to a piece of paper. For example my son’s teachers last name starts with a T so we can glue the crayons to the shape of a T. Then you place that in a frame for the teacher to display it. I thought this was an adorable idea for young children to do to show appreciation to any teacher in their life.

Isn’t this an adorable and cheap idea for a teacher. For anyone interested in this craft the article can be found here: Crayon Letter


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