8th Birthday

A few weeks ago I had a post about my son’s 8th birthday. He was going to do a Lego theme, but in the end he changed his mind and we ended up with very generic decorations. Even though the decor and cake ended up that way the kids really did not care. As a matter of fact they spent very little time in the actual party room. Only when we gathered them up to eat cake and open presents which lasted all of 15 minutes. I was a little upset that I could not master some crafting skills from this party, but after I saw how much fun those kids were having it all just faded away. They didn’t care what the space looked like so why should I let it bother me. So I let it go and just enjoyed watching all of the kids have fun.

My son did get to work on some crafts of his own for the party. I had some plain white gift bags and I let him decorate each bag to suite each childs personality and then we filled them with little gifts for the kids. He really enjoyed being able to decorate the bags himself instead of just buying the bags. He made this one for his cousin.


They ran, jumped and slid there way to exhaustion!

My daughter attempted to stay out of the way from the running kids.

Look at me driving mom!

And then to end the party was one last group slide which my husband decided to intrude on as you can see! He is just like a big kid.

So although well put together parties are fabulous and I love to throw them. Sometimes it is okay to just let it go and have fun!

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