Beyonce is Pregnant!

Ok everyone, such big news. Last night while lying in bed watching the MTV Video Music Awards I got this huge shock. Luckily I have DVR and could rewind it to watch it over again just to make sure I was not imagining what I was seeing. First off let me say that I adore Beyonce. I was a teenager when Destiny’s Child came out and you could here their music and me seeing at the top of my lungs from my bedroom almost any night throughout high school. Then she broke out with this huge solo career and did amazing. She manages to astonish me because unlike other well known performers she manages to stay out of the negative press by keeping her business to herself. I am sure that is a job in itself to keep away from press when you are so incredibly famous and have an equally famous partner, but she does it. Last night she had one of the most memorable MTV Video Music Awards performances in history. Not just for the actual performance, but for the last 30 seconds or so after the song was over. She throws the mic down and unbuttons her sequenced jacket and shows her black maternity pants, then rubs her PREGNANT belly. How adorable is that? I am so impressed at how she decided to announce the big news to her fans. She thinks so much of them that she wanted to make it special for her fans as well. I loved it. Also you couldn’t help but see the look of adoration on Jay-Z’s face when the camera panned to him after she announced it. He just looked so happy and proud of her. Incredible couple. I think they are the real deal and am so excited for the expecting parents.

Here is a video of the performance for everyone to enjoy! Be sure to notice at the beginning of the performance she says ” I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside me”

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