Amazing Aircurler Hair Product!

I have to review this product for all of my readers. I LOVE it. I have to start by saying that I was a little skeptical of this product. In truth when I read about it on another blog I thought ” There is no way that this thing works as great as she says, she must have been paid to review this product.” I was so wrong in my initial opinion. The great review led me to check out the website I decided to try it out. What could it hurt right?

First of all, it is sent to you with instructions on exactly how to use it to get the best results. Follow them!! I started by washing my hair and putting a little product in it from the drug store to help it curl. Then the aircurler just attaches to the end of your hairdryer and you are ready to start. It is simple enough to use by yourself and you get these great soft curls. I took strands of my hair starting in the back and worked my way forward. It only takes about 30-40 seconds total for each strand. You can do your strand as big or small as you would like. Once it is done your hair is curly and SOOO SOFT. That was my favorite part was how soft my hair was. Normally after curling my hair with a normal curling iron it ends up sprayed with TONS of hairspray in order for it to stay put and I have “crunchy” hair. These curls are soft and bouncy and actually stay all day.

My only advice to anyone interested in purchasing this product is to make sure your hair is long enough. My hair is about shoulder length except in the very back. The back couple of strands ended up as a kind of wave rather than a curl but once the rest of my hair was curled it all blended well. You need a good few inches to work with in order for you to get a good curl. But this is something that they warned me of before I got the product.

I was in a hurry the last couple of times I used the product but the next time that I use it I will take some pics and be sure to post them as my proof that this really does work. 

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This is not a paid post. My opinions are my own. I was given the aircurler product to try for this review.

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