Fish Oil Vitamin=Energy


A few weeks ago I saw my optometrist for my regular one year check up. (I was blessed with horrible eyesight) In short he found that I am potentially developing age related Macular Degeneration at only 26 years old. So he suggested I begin taking a few supplements to help with the health of my eyes. One of those vitamins was fish oil. I was a little leery of taking this one because let’s be honest, it just sounds bad. I have been taking them on a regular basis for a couple of weeks and it’s amazing the difference. Fish oil has some great benefits including prolonging eye health, decreasing inflammation, heart health, anti aging (for all the ladies out there!), mental health and energy. Yes, energy. I have been so exhausted lately and I don’t even have an explanation for it. Then I started taking these supplements and BAM I have energy. It has been an unexpected but welcome side effect of the vitamin. Just wanted to put this information out there and suggest that you do some research yourself and see the benefits and maybe take it yourself.
Just as an FYI, buy the fish oil supplements that say burp free on the bottle. I use Spring Valley Fish Oil 1000 mg no burp brand. Otherwise you will end up with fishy tasting burps which is not appealing.

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