Children’s Cartoons

Has anyone sat down and watched children’s cartoons lately. It amazes me what they put out there for our children to watch. My daughter only watches certain cartoons like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and The Backyardigans. When my son was younger he only watched these types of cartoons as well. Now that he is 7 and has his own TV, he gets a little more independence with what he watches. I have the parental controls set to where he can only watch G, PG and Y-7 programs. So I felt safe with letting him browse the channels and find things to watch while he is relaxing in his room. Today while looking for a cartoon that was appropriate for my daughter to watch I saw a title that shocked me. “Almost Naked Animals”. The title just sounds inappropriate. I began watching it to see what it was about since the rating was Y-7 (meaning something that my son would be able to see). I was appalled. These cartoon characters are running around literally half naked. With the appearance of breasts on the female characters with just a bra and panties. The boy characters just have underwear. These is ridiculous that this can even be on for kids to watch. Why would we want to shove sexuality in our young kids minds. I could only watch 5 minutes of this show before I was disgusted. Now I will have to sit down with my son and explain what he can and can not watch. I put this out there as a warning. We should never trust that just because it was created for children means that it is ok for them to watch. And obviously for me I have found out that just because I try to protect my kids using parental controls doesn’t take the place of me being a parent and taking responsibility.

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