Since Mothers Day is this weekend I wanted to share this message with everyone. 
I just read an email about being a mother and how it is okay to be surronded by the chaos that comes along with it. You should just embrace it instead of fighting it. It is amazing that something inspiring like that finds you just when you need it. People have preconceived notions on women that stay at home with their children. Homes should be clean, supper should be cooked, everything in their lives so neat and tidy. It is absolutely not that way. Television makes it looks to glamorous and my life is not even close to that. In the email/poem it reminds you that the important things are that your children are happy and healthy and that life as a mother tends to be organized chaos. As frustrating as it can be to find artwork colored on the wall with crayons or food spilled on the carpet, you just have to laugh. If you let all the little things of the every day get to you then you AND the rest of the family end up a stressed out mess. Your kids will love you even when the laundry needs to folded. And when they are older they are not going to remember that the dishes needed to be done but they will remember all the time you spent with them.  Have fun with life and as the saying goes… Don’t sweat the small stuff.

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