Mother’s Day Gift

I cherish these times when my kids are young. Friday my 7 year old son’s class did an entire afternoon dedicated to their mom’s. It was so cute. The afternoon was filled with little skits, poems and songs. They even designed a cake for us to go with snacks and punch. After the skits and such they each came to us and showed us a letter that they wrote just for us. The teacher explained that the kids had written these letters completly by themselves. When Devon began to read his I almost began to cry. His little face was full of excitment because he knew that in that moment I was proud of him and happy. He just became more and more excited as he started showing me all of the things that he had made for me. Showing me a portrait he painted of myself and plants he had planted. The joy he was getting out of making me happy was incredible and the best Mother’s Day gift I could have asked for. I know it will not be this way forever and the enthusiasm for the day will fade away as he gets older so I just held onto it for as long as I could and will always have that memory. Even when he becomes a withdrawn teenager who would rather hang out with his friends than to spend a Mother’s Day with me, I will still have the memory of my little boy.

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