The Dukan Diet

On Dr. Oz last week their was a section on a new diet in the US called the Dukan Diet. My mom and I discussed it and it began to peak my interest. I have two kids and one I had 13 months ago and cannot seem to lose the extra weight I gained. I began exploring on the internet and thought that it sounded very interesting and something I could possible do. With this diet I can eat as much as I would like since their are no calorie restrictions, as long as it is in my approved foods. This is a big help because it seems that as soon as I have to start counting calories I become more and more hungry. So last Friday I stocked up on all of the essentials that I needed. My lean protein, yogurts, cottage cheese and of course the oat bran. I began my diet and thought I would keep a record of how it goes for everyone to see. I used the free calculator on and it tells you the goal weight and how long to stay on each phase. I am beginning phase 1, attack phase, today and will be on it for the next 5 days. I will make notes and jot down what I ate and what my day was like as well as my weight loss then will log it on my blog at the end of my 5 days. I hope it works!

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