Dancing with the Stars Finals

I watched Dancing with the Stars last night and what a night. Chelsea and Hines did fantastic. Kirstie did not have an impressive freestyle unfortunately. I don’t think she has the ability to keep up with the other two. She seemed to be a step behind throughout the routine and spent it trying to keep up. The tempo was far too fast for her. For her she has done so much better than I had ever thought she would do but she just doesn’t have the advantages that Hines and Chelsea have. Chelsea and Mark started the night off so great with her Samba. The music was a perfect fit for their personalities and she hit every mark. Then the freestyle her and Mark put together was another hit. I was disappointed to see that her lights failed during her performance but luckily you could still see her. I think it did take away from the dance a little because it was choreographed around the fact that you would be seeing their hands and feet but she pushed through and it turned out fantastic as well. Again it fit their energetic personalities and it was so young and fresh. Hines and Kym did the Quickstep and it was a good performance as well. Sometimes his feet have a tendency to turn instead of being straight but he just dances with so much ease. You cannot help but watch and be taken in by his cool debonair attitude. I love to watch him dance. His freestyle was so good and different which is why I liked to watch it. It was something I had never seen before on Dancing with the Stars. My prediction for tonight’s final show is that Kirstie will come in at 3rd with Hines at 2nd and Chelsea with the mirror ball trophy.

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